Benefits of Clear Plastic Tubes

Finding the right tube packaging is important for your products. The packaging is what the consumer uses to make the decision to purchase the product while also protecting your products from environmental factors. When picking out what type of tube packaging you would like, you might be overwhelmed by the many types of plastic tubes … Read more

How are Plastic Squeeze Tubes Made?

Today, plastic squeeze tubes have become the go-to for plastic tubing and containers in almost every industry including dental, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical. Plastic tubing is cheap, efficient and aesthetically pleasing, all while keeping contents fresh and giving a longer shelf life. Plastic is also known for its durability and strength and with its high … Read more

How Plastic Tubes Are Made

Plastic tubing is used in just about every industry you can think of including cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical. The process of making plastic tubes is called extrusion which is a process that takes raw hard plastic and melts it into a liquid. The melted plastic is then is formed into a solid shape through a … Read more

4 Styles of Plastic Tubes

Whether its cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, or industrial, plastic tubes and laminate tubes are always used as a convenient and efficient way to use a product.Tubes remain one of the more popular options for any type of product packaging. It might be hard to choose what style of the tube you need but we here at … Read more

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