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Customized Plastic Tubes, Plastic Tube Packaging Supplier USA, Fast Delivery Times.

For the past 20 years, Top Tubes has supplied tubes and caps packaging for products in many industries including cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, personal branding, among many others. We know that packaging plays a fundamental role in consumer purchases as companies work hard to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It is also important for consumers to feel like they are getting a high quality and long-lasting product. Top Tubes helps attract shoppers to your products with state-of-the-art customizable packaging for all of your business needs combining beauty with efficiency and functionality. We provide excellent packaging services that is flexible with your business needs while including elements that shoppers look for like BPA free plastic and easy to use laminated tubes and applicators. We offer a variety of tubing techniques and applicators that spray, roll on and pump out products for individual products needs.


custom cosmetic packaging

Top Tubes is proud to supply the cosmetic industry with a vast array of different tubes for every style and needs for every type of business owner.

Many of our laminated and plastic tubes are specifically designed for skin, body, and face care. In addition, we also supply pumps and mist prayers as well.

Hair care tubes

Our ability to create unique packaging as well as distinct plastic tube style proving why leading companies in the hair industry choose Top Tubes.

oral hygiene tubes

We create and provide a large range of customized plastic tube sizes and shapes to fit any of your specifications within your industry such as toothpaste tubes.

food tubes

Top Tube’s food category caters to all avenues of edible products. All tubes are created and tested for durability an temperature resistance.

pharmaceutical tubes

We work closely with biotech and healthcare companies to ensure that our products meet their specifications and requirements of all laminated and plastic tubes.


Top Tubes has the capability to create custom plastic tubes, shapes, and tips to meet your specific needs. 

About Top Tubes

Top Tubes provides Extruded Plastic, ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate), and PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) tubes to businesses, with the best plastic tube packaging solutions in the industry. We are committed to excellence that ensures the utmost in the quality products as well as exceptional customer service. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, our plastic tubes combine beauty with functionality for any industry.

We serve the personal care, cosmetic, oral care, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries. We provide a wide range of styles, colors, lengths, dimensions and decorations. We offer a variety of surface textures including soft-touch and embossed as well as a variety of finishes including glossy, matte, and pearlized. Decorative artworks are available in Offset, Silk Screen, Hot Stamping, Digital, Flexo, and Labeling. All tubes are quality assured in accordance with IS09001 and are BPA free.

Top Tubes sets itself apart from other manufacturing and distribution companies with our ability to produce and design to your exact specifications with customization as a top priority. Our reputation has been built over the past 20 years by providing our customers with consistently high-quality products and personalized customer support for our clients. We are often the go-to company for leading names in the industry as well as smaller up and coming brands alike. With full service as our commitment, we offer the following to meet your business needs:

  • Flexible order size with low minimum order
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery with short lead times
  • Quality guaranteed

Custom Caps & Tube Types

Laminated Tubes 

Laminated tubes (PBL) offer a form of tube material with the benefits of plastic but with barrier properties similar to metal. Laminated tubes are one of the specialty tubes that we supply. They offer a sturdy and superior barrier to any formulations that require additional strength. Many pharmaceutical products such as ointments and creams take advantage of laminated tubes to ensure the longevity of their product is maintained throughout the life of the product. PBL and ABL tubes offer a versatile packaging that is used in multiple different industries. Often times laminated tubes are used within the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, personal care items, makeup tubes, oral hygiene industries, and more. Laminated tubes offer a higher advantage than most from being extremely adaptable for many different products.

CO-Extruded, ABL and PBL Tubes

Plastic tubes have come a long way and serve an important role in the marketplace. Without plastic tubes, a diverse amount of products would be obsolete and the shelves would be empty. When it comes to cosmetics there are three prominent plastic tubes that dominate the plastic and laminated tube industry. These three types of packaging tubes are Extruded, ABL (aluminum barrier laminate tube) & PBL (plastic barrier laminate tube). They have been the subject of widespread research and have been attracting more attention to the plastic tube industry every year.

Aluminum Barrier Laminate Tube

ABL Tubes combine an economically friendly product with high-quality printing options. ABL tubes can be used to hold aggressive products including liniment creams, makeup tubes, essential oils, toothpaste tubes, and many different pharmaceutical and industrial products. ABL tubes are processed into a sheet made of aluminum and plastic. This is through a process called co-extrusion compounding. It is then sent through a tubular packaging container by a specialized pipe making machine. This machine is primarily targeted towards the cosmetic industry, creating a highly hygienic process and barrier for performance requirements. As the development of ABL its technology increases. ABL Tubes Advantages & Unique Characteristics:

Plastic Tube Decorations

Offset Plastic Tubes

Offset printing uses a technique that transfers the design that is printed on a plate onto a rubber blanket that is then stamped onto the the product. 

Silk Screen Tubes

Silk screen printing uses a technique that transfers the design over a silk screen with ink. Screen printing protrudes slightly off the tube.

Hot Stamping Tubes

Hot stamping uses a technique where the design is transferred using high temperatures and dried inks/foils are stamped onto the surface of the product.

Laminated Cosmetic Tubes

Top Tubes is proud to supply the cosmetic industry with a vast array of different cosmetic tubes for all styles and needs including makeup tubes, moisturizer tubes, and more. Regardless if you are a cosmetic manufacturer, small business, or makeup enthusiast, we have the right product for you.

You have seen these foundations tubes everywhere, from beauty stores, makeup tutorial videos, and maybe even in your own makeup bag! Top Tubes sells foundation tubes, cosmetic tubes and makeup tubes to many big name brands and you can often find our custom plastic and laminated tubes in big box stores.


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