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Plastic Food Tubes

Top Tube’s food category caters to all avenues of edible products. All tubes are created and tested for durability as well as temperature resistance. Our manufacturers ensure hygiene is kept to the utmost standard throughout the process of creating your tube. Our ability to fully customize your product to your specific needs is unparalleled.

Have you ever been to a restaurant or even at home and your ketchup, mustard, barbeque, or ranch ever have difficulties such as not coming out of the bottle properly, weirdly shaped bottles, or having to back away because you're afraid the condiments will spray on you? 

Top Tubes offers trustworthy plastic and laminate tubes for all sorts of condiments, food, and even drinks. Don’t worry we have taken into consideration the terrible things you hate about plastic bottles and taken the mess and stress out of our bottles. You won’t have to worry about these little things any longer. Our tubes are splatter-free, shatter-resistant and the condiments will come out with ease. You see plastic condiment tubes at BBQs, parties, restaurants, grocery stores, and even gas stations. We design the tubes with your brand and ideas to fit what you imagined the tube to look like and will exceed your expectations! We are trusted by many and hope that you will make the switch to our safe and reliable plastic tubes so your brand can make the change it needs!

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