4 Styles of Plastic Tubes

Whether its cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, or industrial, plastic tubes and laminate tubes are always used as a convenient and efficient way to use a product.

Tubes remain one of the more popular options for any type of product packaging. It might be hard to choose what style of the tube you need but we here at Top Tubes can help!  We offer 4 main styles that are fully customizable.


The most common type of tube has an orifice at the end which varies in size. These are popular in use for items such as gels, lotions, creams, toothpaste, and foods. They are versatile and can be customized according to needs.


Nozzle tip tubes are used for more viscous products. We offer various sized nozzle tips that may be customized for your product. One common style is a short nozzle tip tube, which is used in cosmetics (such as eye products), while the long nozzle tip tube can be used for industrial uses such as grease and adhesives.

Pumps: Pumps allow the product to be dispensed or sprayed in medium to large quantities. The pumps can be customized and come with a dust cover that fits over the head of the tube. These pumps are used in face cream, hair oils, foundations, and can also be used in medical applications.

Airless pump tubes can prevent air exposure and protect sensitive products such as natural skincare creams, serums, foundations.

Lip Gloss: The reason these are more appealing than other cosmetic tubes is the fact that they are angled at the tip. Although some do come domed, the angled tip along with the small orifice allows the user to decide and feel how much product is needed at the same time.

PET plastic has excellent clarity and is more impact-resistant than other plastics, making this a good choice for liquid lip glosses.

While these are the main styles of tubes, Top Tubes offer has the capability to create custom shapes, tubes, and tips to meet your specific needs. We are the leader in plastic tubes and laminate tubes with prompt delivery and short leads times. You can look over our catalog or contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about the products we provide. 

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