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Oral Hygiene Toothpaste Plastic Tubes

Toothpaste, creams, and ointments are common products which we supply for. The oral care industry continues to be a large focus for Top Tubes due to the versatile ever-changing market.

We create and provide a large range of customized sizes and shapes to fit any of your specifications.

Our oral hygiene tubes can hold toothpaste, whiteners, gum, ointments, creams, and more. Top Tubes has many tubes shapes and styles that will fit your expectations and will help your brand succeed. Our tubes won’t give your customers any difficulties and your customers will always be beyond satisfied with our tubes. 

We offer various cap styles for our laminated tubes which are durable, they won’t pop or break, offer tight and secure lids and caps, and will fit on your bathroom shelves without any worries. Top Tubes, tubes are amazing for many reasons: they are relatively mess-free, so won't have to deal with the mess that your last tube packaging gave you. Our tubes have never given any difficulties for our customers and have always helped their brand grow exponentially. Our tubes are also packaged with your company logo, ingredients, and overall design printed on the tube. Make the switch to Top Tubes for all of your tube packing, design, and printing needs and you won’t regret it!

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