Personal Care

Personal care products are one
of our specialties for Top Tubes.
Many of our tubes are
specifically designed for skin,
body, and face care. In addition,
we also supply pumps
mist sprayers as well.

Plastic Moisturizer Tubes

Personal care creams such as, moisturizers and lotions are a must-have in everyday life. The need to put lotion on dry skin, keep your face moisturized and glowing, and prevent cracked skin and will leave you feeling nice and smooth. Our personal care plastic and laminated tubes are the best tubes on the market. Top Tubes personal care plastic tubes such as lotion and sunscreen containers can be essential in your everyday life so why not make the packaging and containers something for your customers to remember? After hundreds of hours of research, we have ensured that our personal care tubes will not break, rupture, and are mess-free.

Personalized Plastic Tubes

We offer our personal care plastic and laminated tubes in a multitude of different sizes such as normal, and travel-sized for when you’re on the go. We love to show your brand off wth the amazing packaging that we provide! Your customers will be attracted to your product with just even the packaging alone. Top Tubes will always exceed or go beyond your expectations of how you imagined your packaging to look by ensuring you’re ideas and vision is always being kept in mind. We provide the luxury brand look and feel, for an astounding price. You make the amazing creams, moisturizers, and lotions; we will provide the luxury brand look and packaging.

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