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Top Tubes - Plastic Tube Manufactures 

Top Tubes provides Extruded Plastic, ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) and PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) tubes, with the best tube packaging solutions in the industry. We are committed to excellence that ensures the upmost in quality product as well as exceptional customer service. Manufactured with state-of the-art technology, our tubes combine beauty with functionality. Top Tubes is serving the personal care, cosmetic, oral care, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries. We provide a wide range of styles, colors, lengths, diameters, orifices and decorations. We offer a variety of surface textures including soft-touch and embossed as well as a variety of finishes including glossy, matte and pearlized. Decorative artworks are available in Offset Printing, Silk Screen, Hot Stamping, Digital Print, Flexo Printing and Labeling. All tubes are quality assured in accordance to IS09001 and are BPA free. Top Tubes sets itself apart from other manufacturing and distribution companies with our ability to produce and design to your exact specifications with customization as a top priority. We take pride in producing fully customized pieces so your product stands out compared to the rest. Top Tubes reputation has been built over the past 20 years by providing our customers with consistently high quality products, and personalized customer support for our clients. We are often the go-to company for leading names in the industry as well as smaller up and coming brands alike. With full service as our commitment, we offer the following to meet your business needs:

  • Flexible order size with low minimum order
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery with short lead times
  • Door to door shipping
  • Quality guaranteed

With two of our most popular products being made from aluminum and plastic, we cater to most businesses by helping choose the best materials for their product and ingredients. Aluminum is lightweight, highly recyclable and can be reused efficiently. Aluminum is also recommended for products with acidic essential oils and is known to help expand the lifespan of the products it carries. Our plastic packaging also has great benefits like being lightweight, durable and easily transported for traveling or shipping purposes. Plastic also carries components that are immune to breaks and corrosion.

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