Laminated Tubes

Top Tubes offer a custom selection of ABL & PBL tubes. Both are available in different material combinations, which can vary depending on the resistance of the filling material and the desired tube feel

We can customize any artwork, tube style, and size to fit your needs for any and all industries. Specializing in bespoke orders is what Top Tubes thrive from. We offer different barrier strengths and thicknesses to comply with any specifications you may need.

PBL Plastic Tubes

PBL structures are a common option for packaging that needs to maintain its form and shape. This is often the go-to choice for cosmetic products that require a custom finish and look. PBL’s are also five-layered laminated. EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Polymer) is used in PBL tubes to provide a barrier for any air, oil, or chemical transfers through the layers of the tube.

Top Tubes