Hair Care

Laminated Tubes

Many of our versatile tubes
highlighted in the hair
industry. Shampoo,
gels and serums
are often
used in this line.
Our ability
to create unique
packaging as well as
tube style and caps
prove over
and over again
why leading
companies in the
hair industry
choose Top Tubes.

Hair Care Plastic Shampoo Tubes

When you walk into your local store and go to the hair care section, our shampoo and conditioner tubes are everywhere on shelves, from your favorite hair salon, department store, or local pharmacy. We recommend our shampoo and conditioner tubes because even big-name stores and brands have been using our plastic and laminated tubes for years. We offer shampoo and conditioner tubes in an easy on the go travel size option as well! Top Tubes manufactures plastic and laminated shampoo and conditioner tubes and even has the ability to print your logo and ingredients on these tubes. Our clients love our packaging compared to our competitors as it’s unique, sleek, and incomparable to any other plastic tube and laminate supplier, and your customers will agree. Top Tubes plastic and laminate shampoo and conditioner tubes are long-lasting, safe, and pleasing to the eye.

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