Industries that Top Tubes Services

As companies work hard to distinguish themselves from their competition, packaging plays an important role in customer purchasing. It's also essential for customers to feel they're buying a high-quality, long-lasting product. Top Tubes helps attract shoppers to your products with state-of-the-art customizable plastic tube packaging for all of your business needs combining beauty with efficiency and functionality. We offer excellent packaging services in addition to plastic tube manufacturing that are adaptable to your business's needs while also incorporating components that customers prefer. The following are the industries that Top Tubes works with.


Top Tubes is proud to supply the cosmetic tubes industry with a vast array of different cosmetic tubes and makeup tubes for all styles and needs including makeup tubes, moisturizer tubes, and more. Regardless of whether you are a cosmetic manufacturer, small business, or makeup enthusiast, we have the right product for you.

Top Tubes also manufactures foundation tube labels with your company name and logo. Consumers are sometimes even more interested in the packaging than they are in the actual product. This is why color, texture, design, and size are incredibly important when choosing how to package your unique products. Here at Top Tubes, we listen to your packaging needs and work out a solution for the exact product you are using

Personal Care

Personal care products are one of our specialties for Top Tubes. Many of our tubes are specifically designed for skin, body, and face care. Our care plastic and laminated tubes are the best tubes on the market. We offer them in a multitude of different sizes such as normal, and travel-sized for when you’re on the go.

Hair Care

Offering portability and flexibility, many of our versatile tubes are used throughout the hair packaging tubes industry for a range of products including shampoo tubes, conditioner, gels, and serums. We offer shampoo tube and conditioner tubes in an easy on-the-go travel size option as well.

Top Tubes plastic and laminate shampoo tube and conditioner tubes are long-lasting, safe, and pleasing to the eye. The best part about our hair packaging tubes for hair care is the bottles are designed to withstand hair treatments and chemicals so you can be assured your favorite high-end hair products are in a safe bottle that does not allow degraded products or leached chemicals.


Top Tubes offers pharmaceutical-grade tubes for all purposes. We work closely with biotech and healthcare companies to ensure that our products meet their specifications and requirements. We work hand-in-hand with multiple different healthcare and biotech companies.

Our teams also test to make sure that our tubes are safe to use and are free from any possible issues. Our tubes are shatter-resistant, safe to use, and won’t cause you any trouble. Our tubes can hold creams, ointments, cleansers, disinfectants, lotions, medication, dental creams, and more. Safety seals and caps are also available to be applied to your product.

Oral Hygiene

We create and provide a large range of customized sizes and shapes to fit any of your specifications. Our oral hygiene plastic tubes can hold toothpaste, whiteners, gum, ointments, creams, and more. Top Tubes has many tubes shapes and styles that will fit your expectations and will help your brand succeed.

We offer various cap styles for our laminated tubes which are durable, won’t pop or break, offer tight and secure lids and caps, and will fit on your bathroom shelves without any worries. Our tubes are also packaged with your company logo, ingredients, and overall design printed on the tube.


All tubes are created and tested for durability as well as temperature resistance. Our manufacturers ensure hygiene is kept to the utmost standard throughout the process of creating your tube.

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