How Are Plastic Shampoo Tubes and Conditioner Tubes Made?

The plastic tube that the shampoo comes in is a tube that is made out of a plastic called polyethylene. The reason that this tube is called polyethylene is that it can be melted down to form a thin tube of plastic. The tube can then be used to create the different sizes of tube that are used to dispense the shampoo or conditioner to the hair. The process that is used to create the different shapes and sizes of plastic tubes for the shampoo tubes is called injection molding. In order to help speed up the manufacturing process, the injection molding process uses hot liquid nitrogen to melt the plastic down. Once the plastic is melted down, it is injected into a hot liquid oil bath which helps to solidify the tube and help it set.

How is it formed?

The actual process of plastic tubes are made is actually very interesting. They start off with the plastic tube that is called the input tube. When the plastic tube is fed into the injection mold, it is formed into the shapes that are needed for the shampoo tubes.

The plastic is placed into an injection mold to help form the different shapes of plastic shampoo tubes and conditioner tubes. This process can sometimes be overfilled causing some of the plastic to break off however it is rare. This process starts off with the plastic being poured with hot water into the desired shape of the tube. Next, the plastic is put into an injection mold with a hollow inside. This mold is designed so that the different shapes of the plastic tube inside can be created. Next the plastic tube is heated and a nozzle is attached to the tube.

Shampoo tube and conditioner tube tops are a plastic that is used to help keep your shampoo tubes clean while still keeping the lid closed. The shampoo tops come in many different sizes and colors to fit any home or personal preference. They also help to prevent the liquid inside the tube from draining as well as helping to keep it sealed. Once the shampoo and conditioner tube lids have been attached the tubes are now ready for their final testing to ensure that there are no defects before being sent off to the customer.

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