How Are Plastic Toothpaste Tubes Made?

The first toothpaste tubes were made of tin and lead and remained so until there was a metal shortage during World War II. During the war, tin and lead was reserved for the military and production on toothpaste turned to aluminum and plastic. Though, it was found that some of the ingredients in the toothpaste … Read more

How Plastic Tubes Are Made

Plastic tubing is used in just about every industry you can think of including cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical. The process of making plastic tubes is called extrusion which is a process that takes raw hard plastic and melts it into a liquid. The melted plastic is then is formed into a solid shape through a … Read more

4 Styles of Plastic Tubes

Whether its cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, or industrial, plastic tubes and laminate tubes are always used as a convenient and efficient way to use a product.Tubes remain one of the more popular options for any type of product packaging. It might be hard to choose what style of the tube you need but we here at … Read more

CO-Extruded, ABL and PBL Tubes

Plastic tubes for cosmetics have come a long way and serve an important role in the marketplace. Without plastic tubes for cosmetics or other plastic tubes, a diverse amount of products would be obsolete and the shelves would be empty. When it comes to cosmetics there are three prominent plastic tubes that dominate the plastic … Read more

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